Sunday, January 16, 2011


First and foremost I have to give praise to this site. InboxDollars is my favorite site to earn money on. When I first joined it took me a little while to get the hang of it. Now, it's like second nature. InboxDollars is a Paid to Read website. You get emails in your inbox and you earn money for reading them. It's that easy. They're so many different ways to earn money on here; surveys, completing offers, and now you can even watch a video or do a search to get money. You automatically get $5 in your account when you join. Cash out is at $30. I have received cashout for this site. The best thing about InboxDollars, it's FREE! You should NEVER have to pay anything to start making money. If you would like more information just ask or click on the link(s) below to join. By the way. If you enjoy InboxDollars, then also check out SendEarnings, it's InboxDollars sister site.

Hello 2011!

Hello 2011! Southern Mompreneur has gotten a much needed make-over. I've been on a very slow start with this blog. Looking back, I hated how my post looked so I really wanted a better chance at perfecting this.
I am still learning so if anyone has any tips or comments, they'd much appreciated. I am always open to advice.
My topics for this blog are listed below:
Homeschool: Tons of resources for websites, curriculums, lesson themes, ideas, basically anything pretaining to homeschooling.
The Law of Attraction(LOA): Inspirational quotes and tips on applying the law to your every day life.
Money Makers: A listing of websites I use to make extra income.
Our Home: A hodpodge of stuff ranging from recipes and crafts, to pet advice, to gardening tips. A peek into what it's like at our home.
Couponing and Freebies: Learn about couponing and were you can find all the great freebies online.
Well, I know that this is going to be an awesome blog. I am greatful for finally writing my first post.

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